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  November 24, 2023   
November 24 ONLY 12:30-4:30pm @ Hattertown. *WEATHER PERMITTING

(Sugar Lane is closed 11/24, thank you)

  Saturday 9:00am-4:30pm  
  5 Hattertown Road (OPENING 11/24)       1 Sugar Lane (OPENING 11/25

  *PRE-CUT TREES are available at our Hattertown Tree Farm

Cut-Your-Own Trees $80
Yellow Tag Trees (Charlie Brown tagged trees) 1/2 off
Precut selection: Frasier, Balsam, Douglas, White Pine, Concolor $75
+ Prices as marked 

Paproski's Tree Farm

@Castle Hill Farm

Paproski's Christmas Tree Farm at Castle Hill Farm will be open this season weekends from November 24 through December 23, 2023.


As we are looking forward to offering the same family friendly experiences this year, safety is a priority. If you are not feeling well or have been in contact with someone who tested positive to Covid-19 in the past 14 days, please stay home this season.

Private weekday appointments are available upon request for finding your perfect tree. (There is a separate booking option to use the farm for photography purposes). 

We encourage you to bring your own hand saw this year, but do have a limited supply at both farms. NO CHAINSAWS are permitted on the property.

Both of our Tree Farms are CASH OR CHECK only. Thank you!

Family owned and operated, our Tree Farm offers a wide pre-cut selection of trees or offers you the opportunity to cut your own

Hand made wreaths, sprays, swags, cemetery blankets, and boxes made on the premises by the Paproskis.

For a successful experience, we suggest you wear your hiking boots and gloves, bring a tarp to drag your tree, and feel free to bring your own hand saw if desired.
No Chainsaws permitted. 

We open the weekend after Thanksgiving, November 26th, to all our early birds looking to cut or 'tag' their tree while the family is home for the holiday. We provide you with a tag or a saw upon your visit to the tree farm and offer you assistance in netting and strapping your tree to your vehicle.

If you have your own handsaw, we do encourage you to bring it with you to the farm, however, we do have a limited supply available at each farm. 


Hike our twenty acres of trees, where you will find Norway Spruce, some Douglas Fir, Blue Spruce, White Spruce, and a beautiful 42 acre view. We also offer White Pine, Douglas Fir, and Fraser Fir pre-cut trees. Cut-your-own and pre-cut cathedral (taller) trees available!

Please note that our Main Tree Farm is located at

5 Hattertown Road in Newtown.

We do, also, have a 'Satellite' location on the corner of Sugar Lane, right after the greenhouse entrance. 

Find hand made wreaths, sprays, swags, cemetery blankets, and boxes made on the premises by the Paproskis. 


2023 Opening Day is

FRIDAY, November 24





Thank you, we appreciate your understanding as we spend the Holiday with our family!

Merry Christmas!

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