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5 Facts You Didn't Know About Chicken Eggs

We recently read an article posted by the USDA (United States Department Of Agriculture) titled, A Carton Of Eggs- A True Baker’s Dozen. The author describes what to look for when you buy one of your key baking ingredients, eggs. Not many people know that the expiration dated stamp not only explains when to best use your eggs by, but holds much more information. Attached is a photo taken directly from the article that shows you, “The Scoop On Eggs”.

Here are 5 Facts you didn’t know about the Chicken Egg:

  1. During the process at which eggs are packaged, eggs are categorized into one of three consumer grades.

  2. Grade AA – The freshest and highest quality eggs will receive a Grade AA.

  3. Grade A – Very high quality eggs will receive a Grade A. (typically found in your grocery stores.)

  4. Grade B – Grade B eggs are usually used for breaking stock (liquid eggs) and baking.

  5. The next piece of information printed on your carton is to determine freshness. The three-digit code indicates the date your eggs were packaged. This code starts with January 1, printed as 001 and ending with December 31, printed as 365. These numbers represent the consecutive days of a year.

  6. Eggs can be stored in their cartons for four to five weeks beyond the date they were packaged as long as they are refrigerated.

  7. A Standard, Large egg is 24 ounces large and has 6 grams of protein!

  8. One egg has 13 key nutrients, including protein and vitamin D.

Source: Morris, Craig. "USDA Blog » A Carton of Eggs – A True Baker’s Dozen."USDA Blog RSS 2. N.p., 23 Dec. 2013. Web. 25 Jan. 2016. <>.

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