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Cutting the Corn Maze Design

At Castle Hill Farm, we began cutting our 2016 corn maze. The process is as simple as plowing the 7 acre field and planting it with corn seed, but as complex as getting our paper-drawn design to look like something in an areal shot.

Farmer Steve plows and harrows the 7 acre field to mix up the soil and then smooth it out before getting it planted with corn seed. As the corn begins to grow, we get our observation deck in place and plan out our maze design. When the corn is about a foot tall, Farmer Steve and Family begin to cut out the many paths using a lawn mower and visualization. These paths will have to be mowed at least twice more over time, as some of the corn continues to grow back in.

When all is said and done, we use drone technology to fly above the 7 acre cut corn maze and take an area shot of our design! Wish us luck this year and stay tuned for our 2016 theme!

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