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Local Man Has Hidden Talents

Newtown local, Charles E. Fadus, has been painting for years, and is still at it at 90 years old! Having grown up in Connecticut, Charles E. Fadus proposed to his bride, Jean at Fairfield Hills Hospital where she was working as a nurse. They, together, moved to Danbury to raise their two children before moving the whole family to Newtown. The couple still lives in their old farmhouse where Mr. Fadus paints, plays his trombone, and occasionally writes "Random Thoughts".

Mr. Fadus has been painting anything from scenery to Newtown's own, Roosters, Mr. Fadus surely is a talented man, bringing these pieces of art his own twist. Mr. Fadus has been painting specifically for his family and friends, but has given us a few of his latest to share with you! Visit our Market Place online for special canvas wrapped paintings- there are more to come!

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