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Norman's News

You've all met our pet turkey, Norman, and have been wondering where he has been during your recent visits to our Pumpkin Patch, Corn Maze, or Tree Farm! Well, Norman, who has now celebrated his fourth Thanksgiving, has been enjoying the days, "strutting" around the farm with his chicken friends.

Norman is what is known as a Broad-breasted White Turkey, a meat bird, he was bred as a meat bird, to gain more weight in a shorter amount of time. This breed of turkey is typically what the grocery stores will sell you on Thanksgiving as it takes anywhere from 4-6 months for these birds to fully mature. Now, a Broad-breasted White turkey is different from the turkeys you see in the wild, as their heavy weight does not allow them to fly or breed. In fact, our pet, Norman, is unique, as most turkeys his kind, are not able to support their heavy body weights on their thin legs!

As Norman has just celebrated his fourth Thanksgiving with us, we assure you that he will continue to live out his life as our pet! We even shared our pumpkin pie leftovers with him! Hope you enjoy the video below of Norman's Thanksgiving Day meal!

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