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A Winner Has Been Chosen!

This 2016 Fall season, we presented our visitors with a special Corn Maze Challenge that read,

​"ATTENTION: There has been a Stork Landing in Castle Hill Farm’s 2016 Corn Maze!

Visit each of our 26 lettered signs throughout the maze and find the facts that have a heart on the bottom right of them. Record these letters below, unscramble to form a word, and then enter your maze map into a seasonal drawing!

Three lucky winners will be chosen to win a cut-your-own Christmas tree or Holiday spray! Drawings will be held and announced in November!"

We are happy to announce that those winners have been chosen!

First Place winner, who will receive a cut-your-own Christmas Tree is, Nicholas V.

Second Place winner, who will receive a Holiday Wreath or Spray is, Chris N.

Third Place winner, who will also receive a Holiday Wreath or Spray is, Rebecca S.

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to everyone that participated in our 2016 Challenge! Answer to the challenge was: HARMONY

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