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De-vined Clearings

This month, Farmer Steve, with some help, has been working hard to clear and restore the pasture land within Castle Hill Farm's hillside. Years ago, our dairy cattle would roam these acres, helping to keep the brush under control, but as the years without our heard has passed, the brush and vines have begun to overtake the trees and stonewalls.

Using the forks on the Ford tractor to hook the vines and pull them away from the bushes, and to pick up dead logs for the burn pile. We've also had the help of a friend with a Bobcat machine with a rotary mower on the front to mow through the heavy brush in the fields.

Our project is really coming along and we can't wait to see the true difference in the spring when we have a grass pasture on the hill. The next step will be to repair the stone walls and fence-line!

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