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Baling Hay 101: Mowing

If you read our last blog post, you'll know that we are here to try and explain the process of baling hay to the not so average farmer. In this post, we will explain to you, the first step in baling hay.

Now that we have looked at the forecast and it shows a zero percent chance of rain for the next four days, it's time to start our baling process!

The next step, after determining good weather, is to make sure the grass is nice, tall, and full of nutrients. Sometimes a little assistance from a fertilizer is necessary to keep the weeds away and promote healthy grass growth. From here, we hooked our red Case tractor up to the haybine- resembles a giant lawn mower. This machine is used to cut all the grass in the fields, nice and short.

*It's important to remember that with any of our machines on the back of the tractor, not to take a sharp turn, for the tongue of the machine could get caught in the tire of the tractor, making for disaster.

You'll circle the field as many times as it takes, starting from the outside and moving in, to cut the entire thing. When this is complete, the cut grass stays as is, in cut rows, while it lays in the heat of the sun for it's first drying and the haybine gets cleaned off to extend it's lifetime.

WATCH our video using the link below as we use our Drone video to follow the tractor and haybine in this first process of baling hay. Enjoy!

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